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  • Jakub Chodounsky

    Jakub Chodounsky

    I help you keep up to date with C# Digest weekly newsletter at https://csharpdigest.net.

  • Yann Mulonda

    Yann Mulonda

    Chief Information Officer @ITOT Africa | Lead Senior Site Reliability Engineer @ICF󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴 | "Learning is experience; everything else is just information!”

  • Varun Chilukuri

    Varun Chilukuri

  • Sahil Pabby

    Sahil Pabby

    New readers can sign up to read my stories & I will receive a portion of their membership fees. For more info go to https://medium.com/@sahilpabby/membership

  • Maxim Chechenev

    Maxim Chechenev

    Frontend developer passionated about UI, coffee, photography.

  • Sheldon Led

    Sheldon Led

    Web Developer @ AWS — Love JS and CSS (and some other web things) — Living in Dublin, Ireland — Opinions are my own

  • Savan Kharod

    Savan Kharod

    Savan Kharod is a Digital Marketing Professional at Acquire. He loves to share his knowledge and experience in digital marketing, SMM & CX.

  • Ben Weidig

    Ben Weidig

    Software developer, entrepeneur, blogger. Mostly Java, sometimes Swift, Golang, Bash and all the other fun stuff.

  • George Seif

    George Seif

  • Anton Ödman

    Anton Ödman


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