How SharePoint Development helps in boosting Enterprise Performance?

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Since Sharepoint is so hyped, does that mean we should opt for it straight away! I have been asked this question many times and my answer is no, till the time you are not convinced that Sharepoint development is the perfect choice for your business.


Why do the Majority of Companies use SharePoint?

How can businesses Reap the Potential benefits of SharePoint?

#1 User Experience Goes Beyond Expectations

#2 Offers the Next- Level Collaboration

#3 Informed Decisions can be Made

Why do enterprises prefer SharePoint Development Services?



According to Microsoft, SharePoint is used by 78% of Fortune 500 companies. Between 2006 and 2011, Microsoft sold over 36.5 million user licenses. And the number doesn’t seem to be slowing down. On that note, I have come up with an article that is a purely holistic approach to make you realize what would it be like not to utilize those excellent perks of SharePoint development in your company. Though I don’t want to sound as if I am evangelizing, let us start from the basics!

Popularly known as Microsoft Sharepoint, it is a basic yet intimidating document management and collaboration tool featuring tight integration with Office 365 as well as handy document management capabilities. Intending to store documents in an effective format and keep everyone in sync, the development platform surely provides an immense number of benefits.

First of all, let us understand

Why do the Majority of Companies use SharePoint?

The collaborative platform is mainly used to collaborate, manage all the stored data and documents, share them and streamline the entire workflow with reliable intranet services. Other than that, further below I would like to mention some relevant stats:

  • More than 54% of the companies believe that Microsoft Sharepoint is a platform that aligns with any company’s strategy without much hassle.
  • 49% use Sharepoint because they find this the most effective option around
  • 45% find it an interesting technical option
  • 43% try to join in the rat race, just because their competitors are doing so.
  • Sharepoint offers high-end security and the best place to leverage the latest features.

Of course, these all are just assumptions but based on facts on what basis such high-level migration is taking place across the globe can be a bit tricky. But one thing is for sure, Sharepoint is admired for Single sign-on, OneDrive for Businesses, Team Sites.

How can businesses Reap the Potential benefits of SharePoint?

#1 User Experience Goes Beyond Expectations

Microsoft Sharepoint has a high potential to make the user experience simpler and consistent. By this, all the employees can easily interact with business data, content as well as processes. In addition, the tight integration with familiar client apps makes the day to day activities like document review and issue tracking easier than ever.

So now you know why 78% of Fortune 500 companies including Viacom and Windex choose Sharepoint Development to enhance their business.

#2 Offers the Next- Level Collaboration

You know what is the key to a successful business: it’s never about one person, it’s the entire team that counts. Team effort and Sharepoint turn out to be the best platform offering collaboration so that people can connect hassle-freely via a central panel. This point is beneficial for those who have remote workers and since we have been hit by this Severe Pandemic crisis I am sure businesses would prefer remote working as their only option. I guess the point concerns everyone as of now.

There was a time when specific teams were not allowed to work on specific projects or very specific sectors of a business may have been cut off from seeing additional information about the company. This wasn’t done intentionally, there was just no platform that allowed the information to flow.

After the emergence of Sharepoint, things seem to have changed. The development platform does bring everyone together and not just that. It surely enables everyone to interact at all times, thus fostering a culture of collaboration and creativity. It makes the organization’s goals and metrics visible to all employees while offering a common space to have meaningful conversations through forums and discussion boards.

#3 Informed Decisions can be Made

Of course, it’s your business but that doesn’t mean you could always be right. Making collective and informed decisions by asking multiple sources for help can take you places. With the help of Sharepoint, several live/interactive portals can be created that only display crucial business information from a wide range of sources.

You can show this data on dashboards, scorecards, and more. This allows you to only show the KPI’s that are most important to the health of your business. SharePoint’s Centralized Report Center gives users a single place to view this data. It also allows users to easily build personalized views in today’s fast-pacing world where they can create and submit their content for approval in no time.

Why do Enterprises prefer SharePoint Development Services?

Streamlining workflows, having an organized work environment is extremely important and coping up in this pandemic is not easy where everybody is scattered hiding in their spaces. During such times Microsoft Sharepoint application can be the game-changer by streamlining business processes and reducing extra costs.

#1 Multi-purpose Functionality

One of the top-most features adored by enterprises is flexibility. The collaborative platform serves as an intranet, which is simply a company’s internal website for information sharing, task scheduling, contacts, and much more.

So you don’t have to take care of everything such as assigning or offering different permissions as your administrators can easily take care of it. They can do this by considering each user’s status. Beyond that, the software has functions for document sharing, file management, social networking, business information, and virtually everything else involved in the day-to-day operations of your business.

#2 Collaboration

This point I have partially covered above but trust me, it’s worth mentioning again. Microsoft SharePoint offers unparalleled collaboration. It doesn’t matter whether you have an army or just some handful of people to serve, all that matters is do they know how to communicate or collaborate well? I mean if they don’t have access to resources that facilitate this aim, it’s all too easy for discord and disarray to emerge.

Here is where document control comes to the picture! Let me explain the situation. At one point we have person X who is creating a document and expect someone else, let’s call him person Y to review it. And when Y is reviewing the document, X remembers that he forgets to make a few extra changes that were supposed to be made earlier. Now what happens is suddenly, neither person knows which version is the most accurate, as neither document is complete.

Sharepoint offers different version controls that track every single edit made to a document, along with the time it occurred and the person responsible. Moreover, only one person can access the file at a time to prevent duplicate work. Co-workers can share files and updates in real-time, improving their collaborative efforts.

#3 Centralized administration

As the name implies, this feature, in particular, does emphasize dictatorship; i.e. controlling the entire platform. Managers can easily monitor SharePoint farms, can access application management features, manage system settings, manage security settings, perform backups & restorations, and change general application settings all in a single location.

#4 Enhanced Security

Gone are the days when businesses were compelled to keep documents among thousand of different folders in some nook and corner of their systems. And another folder was made, kind of an index folder that stats which folder has what document. In today’s fast-pacing world, things like this can be pretty exhausting to handle and sort out manually.

As a result, businesses require a solution that will facilitate you to find and manage files with ease. Not just that, keeping everything safe and secured. Enter Microsoft Sharepoint.

Data and documents are something that is very dear to any and every business and Sharepoint make sure that nothing happens to your heart and soul. With SharePoint, you don’t have to stress over the security of your data. Do you know why? Because the platform offers various settings such as :

  • Who do you want to access the Data?
  • How do you want to store the Data?
  • How do you want data to travel across the Network?

In addition to all the default options, you can take one step further and implement a tailored security measure for added protection.

#5 Increases productivity

Do you have time to even search through the entire bunch of folders to just find a file? No, right, well SharePoint Consultants made this task easy for you with their services.

It doesn’t matter that you are searching inside a filing cabinet or clicking through unending folders, it becomes frustrating with time, especially if you’re into some urgent project. When all your documents are connected to a SharePoint cloud, finding one file is as easy as a few clicks. No need to go through all the files and folders while wasting your valuable time.

In fact, you can make each Sharepoint Site cover only the folders and subfolders you want. In this way, you can proceed directly to the source to make a quick business decision and save a lot of time for you and your employees. This is the most significant feature for business managers, also for every employee.

#6 Custom-made functions

It’s up to you whether you want to keep all the default online Sharepoint features or wish to customize by hiring a reputable SharePoint developer.

Make sure to hire a professional who does have the ability to build custom elements in each of the Microsoft SharePoint features. In fact, here you can similarly customize the entire application’s interface to reflect your branding and improve employees’ perceptive experience with the app through the drag and drop functions.

#7 Integration with existing app

Another intimidating feature offered by SharePoint Development is that it gives the liberty of integrating it seamlessly with other applications and software. By using SharePoint simultaneously with other applications, you will have a broader range of options for leveraging your Business.


So that’s all for now! I hope now you neither need any survey stating the increasing numbers of Sharepoint development nor get yourself into the rat race by following the herd. The following post looks pretty convincing right! In case, if you still have any doubt or query, feel free to mention it in the comment section below.



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