SharePoint Development: SharePoint 2019 Features

SharePoint 2019

SharePoint 2019 Focus Areas

  • SharePoint Online-based user experiences.
  • Engagement with content across all browsers and devices
  • Scalable security and compliance capabilities on a large scale.

Features in SharePoint 2019

1. Communication Sites

  • Topic, which comprises four pre-installed web components to keep everyone informed (Hero, News, Events, and Documents)
  • Showcase is an image-centric design that highlights people, products, and events by utilising the default Hero and Image gallery web elements.
  • Blank, a blank canvas ready to be filled with your choice of modern web components

2. Infrastructure Improvements

  • Numerous enhancements in SharePoint 2019 are focused on enhancing administration and infrastructure, including the following:
  • Direct links to SharePoint documentation: You won’t have to hunt for documents in vain. You can now access Central Administration via direct links.
  • SMTP authentication for email sending: You’ll be able to send emails using authenticated SMTP (including Office 365).
  • Workflow Manager 2019: Workflows are here to stay. This new version supersedes Workflow Manager 1.0 and includes a number of new and enhanced capabilities.
  • Integration with PowerApps and Flow: SharePoint 2019 will have some more robust integrations with Flow and PowerApps. The new features offer increased performance and fewer limitations than previous versions.

3. OneDrive

4. Modern Search Experience

5. Hybrid-first features

  • The Hybrid Configuration Wizard (accessible straight from the Central Administration Center) and the extensible hybrid app launcher make it easier than ever to set up and manage a hybrid environment.
  • Administrators can establish shared sets of managed metadata that seamlessly sync between SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online using hybrid taxonomies and hybrid content types.
  • The new OneDrive Sync Client (which replaces the outdated Groove Sync Client) enables users to view files saved locally or in the cloud on-demand — no download required — and supports push alerts for improved real-time document collaboration.

6. Awesome UX features





Like to Share Insights and Information on Trending Technologies | Avid Learner | Passionate about Tech Research | FOMO of New Updates in Tech Industry

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John James

John James

Like to Share Insights and Information on Trending Technologies | Avid Learner | Passionate about Tech Research | FOMO of New Updates in Tech Industry

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