Top Free SharePoint Apps from Microsoft Store

As we all know, SharePoint apps are comfortable and easy to handle that help you through the day. It offers a wide range of apps in the popular collaboration tool and adds new functions to your current SharePoint page. The majority of IT decision-makers choose this program because SharePoint can be adjusted flexibly to achieve a company's requirements which still need expertise and time.

There are 1500+ useful features and widgets available in Microsoft’s app store. The price ranges from free of charge up to several hundreds of Euros. If you’re using the right application, you can add new features and functionalities to optimize your mobile workforce and increase productivity.

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1. Top 8 Free SharePoint Apps from Microsoft Store

My locations

Word to wiki online(Lite)

Password generator — 3 Pro

my FAQ

Word it!

Documents shared with me

Youtube Feeds

Dropbox Import


2. The Verdict

Microsoft Teams applications are the secret ingredient that Microsoft uses to improve the user experience and bring all aspects related to Office 365 toolset. Working with apps makes it easier to not have to leave teams and get the work done. But you must be wondering which are the most essential SharePoint apps everyone should use? If so, then we’re going to put together a selection of SharePoint apps provided by the Microsoft Store which can be downloaded for free. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Top 8 Free SharePoint Apps from Microsoft Store

My location is one of the most widely used SharePoint Apps that allows you to mark any specific location on the world map with an amazing and rich user interface. These maps are integrated into a team page and subsidiaries of a company can be tagged accordingly. It is also used in a variety of cases. Let’s take an example — if your company has multiple branches, then you can mark your office locations and store them so that you can easily go through them when required. However, the app is regularly updated with new features!

Word to wiki allows Word compatible format documents which have been an integral part of the SharePoint platform since 2010. It is hosted in a SharePoint document library and published as a wiki article in just a few clicks. You are not required to pre-load graphical content as it is automatically uploaded to a SharePoint picture library.

You can also download a free version of the product and install them from the app store. There are no ads and the team always welcomes all feedback for improvement. More and more users prefer to author content in Microsoft Word because they are familiar with it and have built up natural immunity to its idiosyncrasies.

Do you know how many people in an organization change their passwords in one day? Install and download this password generator app on your SharePoint site and see how it reduces the number of Help desk calls from users who don’t like to come up with new passwords.

If you’re working with the myFAQ app, you can easily integrate Frequently Asked Questions into SharePoint. Thereby colleagues who are working simultaneously on the same project can quickly find answers to frequently asked questions that they are looking for. You can also arrange the FAQs according to pro=iority and in a simple individual design.

Word-It is an application that is specially made for SharePoint to export data to Word documents. It also helps to start user’s own Word templates and use them in SharePoint 2016 having the most advanced SharePoint version online.

There are numerous projects available with hundreds of documents scattered in various folders and team pages. If more than one or two individuals are working in a single SharePoint, there are chances that they lose track of their documents. For this, documents-shared-with-me is a perfect app that helps them to integrate into their sidebar an overview of all documents on which the user is currently working. You can also filter this list by the author with a search box to access the most nocturnal documents at any time when required. This app works well with SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2013, and SharePoint 2016.

Youtube Feeds help to fetch the videos of a particular user and display them in the form of a slider. It is a SharePoint 2013 App that has extensive setup options with regards to the various slider options, different sorting, selection of videos to fetch, set user, and much more.

It works well with public-facing sites, helps to create attractive sliders to slide feeds, sets up properties like autoplay, title, and feeds, has the ability to specify relevance, sorting based on time, and much more.

Dropbox Import app allows you to import dropbox files to your SharePoint document Library when required. The file size is limited based on your SharePoint configuration. So, do not forget to enable popups when you’re using IE enable data on various domains from IE options.

MeetSweet! is an App that allows you to send an invitation to your colleagues, partners, and customers to meet outside the official environment. These invitations are sent via a calendar event.

The Verdict

SharePoint Apps from Microsoft Store provide a web-based space so that users can upload a document immediately and share it with other people who need it. The shared link documents can also be sent via email to make it easy for users to quickly be directed to what exactly they want to see. More and more organizations are now planning to use Microsoft SharePoint to create websites and use it as a secure place to manage, store, and access information from various devices.

SharePoint introduces artificial intelligence into the smartphone app experience to keep yourself concentrated and productive while on the go. It establishes a perception of what you work on, how you work, and how your co-workers’ work correlates to you.

Apps for SharePoint are flexible, easy-to-use, and small apps that can easily perform tasks and operations specified by business needs. You can also add the apps to your website to customize it with your demanded feature or functionality such as enhanced security, expense tracking integration with your existing app, design assistance, site consolidation, time, centralized administration, document management, and much more.

Here we discussed the top 9 free SharePoint Apps from Microsoft. If you think we have missed out on any SharePoint app, then feel free to approach in the comment section given below. For more details about SharePoint, get in touch with the best Microsoft Advisory team and resolve all your queries.

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